About Us

Left Right
A company that’s ahead of its time.
Mississippi Power Company: Duane Dobson: Business & Efficiency
Setting a new standard.
Legendary, Inc: Peter Bos CEO: full-service hospitality, residential, retail, and office projects
Green smart, you have a passion for life.
AquaGreen Patrick Barcus: Director of 30,000 SF interactive aquarium and 50,000 SF of hatcheries, nurseries, classrooms and labs

Because changing to green must take place.
Harrison County Mississippi Code Office: Pat Bonck – Director of Zoning
Making energy from waste motor oil is what they do. . . ‘there’s wealth in that used dirty motor oil’.
Technology Application Centers Paul Harrison, PE, CEM : Sales & Efficiency Services
They have a green power plan.
Harrison Co. Mississippi Code Office: Kelvin Jackson – Planner

They don’t let their utility companies put them in the poor house.
Trinity Yachts, LLC William (Billy) S. Smith III
Pro Wash Systems is the most eco-friendly truck wash in the nation.  We are quickly establishing ourselves with business and government leaders alike with our green initiatives.

ProWash Systems environmental goals:

  • Encourage spin-off industries in Green Technology, eco-design & eco-materials for stimulating competition among businesses & green growth
  • Transform the economy with Green Technology towards sustainable growth
  • Define a better pace for economic regeneration while addressing environmental issues
  • Move towards commercialization of Green Technology