Benefits of Wash

Protect Your Investment

Benefits of the Pro Semi Truck Wash system include:

  • Uses only hot, pressurized water and steam for washing;
  • We collect all rainwater from our lot into catch basin and then into our retention pond where it is filtered over and over and used for truck washes;
  • We safely and effectively recycle all our water in the wash;
  • No harsh chemicals, acids, emulsifiers, solvents, etc.;
  • Safe for the environment and our fresh water resources;
  • Our highly specialized process can remove tar, road grim, dirt, bugs, salts and many other items without harming your paint finish;
  • Washing your truck or RV allows for greater visibility for you and other traveling vehicles.
  • DOT inspections may go smoother when your truck is clean and tidy;
  • You feel better driving a clean vehicle;
  • Helps maintain value;
  • When you include regular washing in your overall maintenance program, you not only reduce corrosion, you’re adding value to your truck, RV or Motorcoach equipment.