Semi Truck Wash and Lube

Our semi truck wash is open and washing daily! Come and enjoy and environmentally clean wash if you are traveling I-10 in our area. Check our website often to see additional details.

How it Begins:

We collect rainwater in catch basins around our facility into our retention pond.  This water is filtered over and over and then brought in as clean water into our retention tanks.  The water in the retention tanks is used to clean the semi trucks.

Retention Pond

Retention Pond 2

What Happens After the Wash and Lube:

Water from the semi truck wash enters our drainage system and is then filtered back to a potable state.  This water is then released to the retention pond where the process begins anew.

When oil is removed from the semi trucks it is separated into special storage tanks seen below.  This oil is then re-used in our boiler to power the whole semi truck wash facility.  We also crush and recycle all the oil cans from trucks that we service.  In short, the semi truck wash and lube is a self-sustaining factory!

Filter System

Used Truck Oil Storage Tanks


Rainwater is used as the source of water for our semi truck wash.  No municipal water is expected to be used.  The “used” water in the wash is filtered and put back into the retention system where it will be filtered again and again before reuse.  Any water that seeps into the ground water is contaminant-free!

Old semi truck oil is used to power the wash and filtration systems which can significantly reduce our need for electricity while saving the environment from harsh used oils!

Come and get a non-harsh wash for your semi truck when you are in the Gulfport, MS area and feel good about helping the environment while you’re here with us.

Truck Wash 1

Truck Wash 2