Pro Semi Truck Wash = Drinking Water Quality

Pro Truck Wash Systems redefines the essence of clean and reusable water.  The Pro Wash System refines the used truck wash water into drinking water quality.   This technology was developed in-house!

Our new SEMI TRUCK WASH is a state of the art facility located in Gulfport, Mississippi and is the first truck wash with this technology in the world!  The whole system is a “Closed Loop Back System” and there is no discharge of any kind.

The Pro Wash Systems cleans the water with only a one-time cycle.  This is a first. . .   Other systems recycle the used water over and over.  These inferior systems remove away the essence of pure water quality which, in turn, produces water spots on the paint.  Add to this the recycled effect of other cleaning solvents, degreasers and soaps and you effectively end up using corrosive water akin to acid rain.  Other closed loop systems have another unfavorable side effect…the water begins to smell so bad that in can affect the productivity of a truck wash’s workers.

The Pro Wash System is the same water quality as pure drinking water.  The water is so clean and “soft” it literally runs off the paint and leaves no residue traces.

The Pro Wash System effectively removes 99.6% of contaminants like chlorine, harsh road chemicals, sediment, minerals, heavy metals, etc.  These contaminants can vary from just nuisance contaminants to damaging or even toxic.  Making sure that these contaminants do not get on our customers semi trucks is very important to us; however, even more important is making sure these contaminants do not get into our community’s drinking water!

The Pro Wash System:

  • NO Degreasers
  • NO  Toxic Chemicals Used
  • NO Aromatic Solvents
  • NO NPE
  • NO CFCs
  • NO Phosphates
  • NO Ozone Depleting Compounds